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Why is it better to entrust the search and selection of personnel recruitment agency?

The answer is simple – because everyone should do their own thing!

Head – to lead, secretary – to administer, recruiter – to search and select staff. Error in the evaluation of the candidate can be very expensive, as, however, the time of managers spent on search and selection of personnel.

We, at the HR Agency Dovgan, are asked to search and recruit inquiries in cases when the company does not need to keep its staff of recruiters, or when one single recruiter cannot cope …

When recruitment is trusted by recruiting companies?

It often happens that the search for employees is handled directly by the head of the company or department. Of course, whoever, no matter how he, can assess the competencies of his future employee better than others? And time goes on … but there are no candidates.

Or there are, but not those .. and the time of the manager, as you know, is expensive and no one has canceled his daily tasks of planning, organizing various processes, motivating staff and controlling the fulfillment of tasks!

Yes, and what to hide, the skills of selection and evaluation of staff from managers is often not enough.

There are other situational reasons when we are trusted to search for the necessary specialists and they all boil down to three main ones:

  1. No experience, knowledge, skills
  2. No time – need yesterday
  3. There is no one to look for employees
Подбор персонала HRагентствоDovgan

Why do companies trust us to recruit staff?

In this situation, the Recruiter’s profession becomes especially in demand.

Need virtuosity! Our colleagues must have a set of developed professional HR competencies in order to correctly compose a profile of a position and a profile of a person, give a correct announcement of a vacancy, have expertise in individual areas, have good networking and candidate bases, identify primary competencies of applicants by telephone, effectively conduct interviews + competently sell the company and open vacancy to the applicant!

Often this is delicate and skillful work, which requires time, diligence, vision and intelligence! And we get pleasure from this work, this is also the secret of success!

What companies choose us?

We work with different areas and have sufficient knowledge in different businesses and professions.

When do we give a great result?

In 95% of cases, we successfully cope with the search and selection of personnel. And these are the cases when we work closely with our partner clients, look in one direction and see candidates through the eyes of our clients.

Thus, trusting us with the search and selection of new employees for your business – you release your TIME and get our GUARANTEES and a reliable PARTNER!

  • «Нам срочно нужен внешний рекрутер!»

    Отлично! Вы звоните нам или отправляете запрос на подбор персонала и мы обсуждаем возможность сотрудничества!


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    «Мы готовы сотрудничать!»

    Мы проводим встречу, на которой детально выясняем потребность в подборе персонала.

  • «Я доволен промежуточными результатами и активностью проекта!»

    Прошла 1 неделя с момента начала проекта и мы проводим с Вами первые совместные собеседования по отбору кандидатов. В течении 4 недель мы закрываем вакансию кандидатом, отвечающим Вашим требованиям.


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    «Рад представить нового сотрудника нашему коллективу!»

    Испытательный срок пройден успешно, кандидат зачислен в штат компании. Теперь можно сосредоточиться на обучении персонала...

  • «Хочу продолжить сотрудничество!»

    У вас появились новые вакансии или нужен тренинг для персонала? А может быть Ваша компания созрела для стратегической сессии или систематизации бизнес-процессов?



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